Life is not meant to live alone.  

Connect with others through small groups, ministries, classes, events and more.

Church is more than Sunday morning. It’s a family of people who love, encourage, and challenge one another to grow as followers of Jesus Christ.  Regardless of where you are in your Christian journey, we provide opportunities that encourage you to experience life and faith TOGETHER. We invite you to grow in Christ by CONNECTING.

We thrive when we’re part of a community that

  • knows us
  • encourages us
  • and experiences life with us– the good and the bad. 

Your family at First Frisco are the people you grow, laugh, and serve alongside.


Getting Connected Events

Every 5th Sunday, you'll have an opportunity to foster fellowship and new (or established) members can discover ways to connect at First Frisco and grow as a disciple.  Discover your spiritual gifts and how God is calling you to use these gifts to grow.  Meet staff and leaders of the church to directly connect.  

Discovering your spiritual gifts helps identify how you can use your strengths and gifts to serve the church, community and the world.  Here are two assessments to help determine your spiritual gifts:
United Methodist Church's Spiritual Gifts Assessment

Spiritual Gifts Analysis 

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