First Frisco's Discipleship Path

Being a disciple of Jesus Christ involves a disciplined, intentional way of being.  Being a Christian is not a matter of haphazard living.  Being a Christian means we are following, faithfully, the teachings and the commission Jesus gives us.  You don’t become a Christian by default or by accident, or even by birth.  You become a Christian by faith and by practice.
At First Frisco, we recognize growing in faith as Christians is a journey.  It is a process which we intentionally commit, God being our helper, to grow in Christ. 
The Way: Growing in Christian Discipleship Involves Personal Growth in at Least 5 Areas: 
  1. WORSHIP both individually and together within our church home.
  2. GROW in our prayer life and understanding of God’s Word. 
  3. SERVE both within the church and the community, using our God-given talents and spiritual gifts.
  4. GIVE generously according to Biblical principles of stewardship.
  5. GO out into the world, extending radical hospitality to all who cross our paths.
Christians are people of The Way.  We are people who intentionally choose to follow the teachings and the model established by Jesus. At First Frisco, God is calling us to Build a Family of Faith…a family who knows, loves, and serves God with our whole heart, soul, mind, and strength.  
We Build this Family of Faith by becoming whole-life disciples of Christ. We intentionally commit and make an effort to be mature followers of Jesus Christ. The result? We are transformed and, in turn, transform the world.
Mature discipleship is not about speed, but distance and depth. We reach the goal through deliberate effort over a lifetime. And we make the journey one step at a time, one day at a time.
2018 will be the year of implementation of The Way Discipleship Path. It's a journey that will take time and commitment. The first phase of our implementation is explaining the strategy and why it's important to you and our church family. The second phase will be rolling out our Membership Class (open to all - not just new members) which includes our church vision and details on how you can be successful on this new discipleship path.
  • First-time guests visit the Welcome Center (just outside the Sanctuary) for gift and more information 
  • Attend 'Coffee with the Pastor' to learn more about First Frisco
  • Attend a Membership Class to learn more about our vision and discipleship. Open to everyone. 
  • Complete spiritual gifts and discipleship self-assessments and commit to grow
  • Contact a pastor or lay leader for suggestions and guidance 
  • Join a Connection Group

For more details view our powerpoint presentation: The Way: Growing in Christian Discipleship Powerpoint Presentation

Contact Rev. Steve Robertson to register for Coffee with the Pastor and information on classes and groups at or 972.335.4380.